Welcome to Car Torque North East.

Here at Car Torque North East, we like to offer a unique service. Unrivalled Customer Service with accurate easy to understand information. Premium remapping services to get that little extra our of your car. DPF fault removal, and general garage services. All of these services and many more that we offer, help to keep your car running at its best.

Our workshop, based on Forest Hall Road, Forest Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, offers an easy place to drop your vehicle off. We have good local transport links nearby to help you get from place to place.

Our Roots…

Established in 2014, we originally we started out as a mobile mechanic service. Since then we have moved into a garage so we can offer much better services, developed an ongoing and professional relationship with our customers, while continually developing and growing to enhance our high standing in the world.

Whats new…

Since moving into our garage, we have managed to expand the services we offer. the biggest change in our workshop so far is the installation of a Dynometer. This allows us to measure a vehicle’s performance and offer a superior remapping service.

We are continually looking to improve our business and the services we offer, we believe this is what helps to keep us ahead and be the best around.

ECU Remapping

Use the performance indicator below to see the potential we can unlock from your vehicle today!