We only use specialist diagnostic equipment coupled with years of training and experience so faults within the vehicles management systems can be effectively traced.

Why do I need a diagnostic check?

All modern vehicles have at least one ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which constantly monitors ignition and fuel systems via sensors. It enables the vehicle to self-adjust the ignition, fuel and air mixture to produce optimum engine performance at all times. It also helps to reduce exhaust emissions and increase performance where necessary. Sometimes these systems can become under strain causing a malfunction light to appear on your dashboard and also possibly causing running issues or symptom’s like lack of power or ‘limp mode’.

With most vehicle diagnostics, good technicians like ourselves know that not all faults can be rectified by replacing a broken sensor or even by replacing the sensor the diagnostic machine said was faulty. We regularly see cars with a list of parts which have been fitted and have not rectified the problem at all.

Here at Car Torque North East we pride ourselves in pinpoint diagnosis without guess work as this becomes very expensive and time consuming. We use the most up to date testing methods from simple wiring checks to in depth pressure pulse and in cylinder waveform analysis – significantly reducing your repair bill and making major vehicle strip down minimal.

Faults can also be diagnosed in the following systems:

ABS, Airbags, EPB, climate control, Diesel Particle Filters, Tyre Pressure Monitoring, Service reset, Immobilizer, Central Locking and much more.

When changing certain types of control modules and components after diagnosis, the vehicle requires these to be programmed. Our diagnostic equipment can carry out these tasks on a variety of manufacturers. Please contact us for more information.

Our technicians use some of the best diagnostic tools available, including Ford IDS, Vauxhall TECH II and GDS2, Vcds, Autel, Snap-On Verus edge, G-scan and ODIS which is the main dealer tool for VAG Group (Audi, Seat, Skoda, and Volkswagen).