ECU Remapping

At Car Torque North East, the newcastle remapping specialists, we only use Dyno Developed vehicle ECU remapping software. Specifically designed individually for each vehicle to achieve optimum results.

By careful analysis, modifying and using the latest cutting-edge technology to install new ECU parameters, which are tailor-made to your vehicle, we are able to offer the following performance enhancements.

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On all Vehicle ECU Remapping you can expect:

  • A full diagnostic check worth £90 carried out free on every vehicle we tune.
  • A more responsive engine.
  • Smoother, more linear power delivery.
  • Improved acceleration for safer overtaking.
  • professional service at all times.
  • Data logging carried out to ensure your vehicle is in good health and the best results are achieved.

Turbo Diesel ECU Remapping:

  • Up to 40% – 85% more power and torque.
  • Enhanced throttle response.
  • Removal of flat spots or “laggy feeling” power delivery.
  • Up to 30% Improved fuel economy.
  • Smoother engine characteristics.

Turbo Petrol ECU Remapping:

  • Up to 45% more power.
  • Up to 35% more torque.
  • Enhanced throttle response.
  • Removal of flat spots.
  • High level of performance.

Non-turbo Petrol ECU Remapping:

  • Up to 10% improvement in power and Torque.
  • Enhanced throttle response.
  • Removal of flat spots.
  • Improved starting.
  • smoother running.

Towing vehicles and 4×4’s can benefit greatly from Improved BHP and optimised torque, giving much better-towing capabilities and improved MPG. This makes caravanning or pulling a trailer a much more economical and pleasurable experience. With the extra torque and BHP, this puts less stress on other major components, like the engine and drivetrain.

Diesel vehicles can achieve an improvement of up to 30% in fuel economy! It can also further enhance engine characteristics, making fully loaded journeys much more productive. With improved power and torque there is generally less wear on gearboxes and clutches, minimising stress on vital components.

Engine tuning & vehicle remapping, especially DPF/FAP/PARTICLE FILTER services, are highly specialised services. Therefore, these services should not be undertaken by inexperienced people. For your own peace of mind choose Car Torque North East, newcastle remapping specialists. All of our vehicle remapping work is done “in-house” in a fully fitted modern workshop, using the latest high-tech equipment, with fully trained technicians, this ensures your car or van is in safe hands.